Anxiety and Panic Attacks, blog post from Janell Cole, owner Mobu Herbals

November 21, 2016
As a practicing Holistic Doctor, I get to meet all kinds of clients with all sorts of issues. As the question of the stability of our economy keeps arising, many people are having many signs and symptoms of panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and heart palpitations. The effects of stress alone can cause so much emotional strain on the body.
These are some types of stress:
1. Stress and divorce.

2. Stress in the workplace.

3. Holiday Stress.

4. Death of a loved one.

5. Post traumatic stress, either from the war, or something very eventful in your life such as abuse, car wreck,etc.

Working through the hard times in your life can be a hard road ahead, but achievable. Emotional support is always a good way to work through things. Having a support system is so important because everyone needs the help from at least one other person to get through the tough times. Stress management is also a good thing to do. Look for the passion in your life. What motivates you? Take up a hobby that you’d like to do. Commit yourself to going for a walk around your block once a day. Getting fresh air can cure the blues. What about a family pet? It has been documented that pet owners are happier people than those who don’t have a pet. Help someone in need. When you’re busy helping other people it makes your problems seem so less important.
Panic Attacks make you run away. Stop the anxiety and quit running from your fears. Take action with stress relief products. You can feel safe again. Some people who keep having recurring panic attacks, find relief through less intake of caffeine. Sometimes you can just get jittery and nervous from drinking too much coffee, soda’s, energy drinks and chocolate. Try drinking herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee and lots of water. Take walks and take time out to enjoy each and every moment. Life is short and needs to be enjoyed at all times. If depression keeps bringing you down, and anxiety and or panic attacks are effecting your way of life, seek the help of a medical professional.
Christmas is the happiest time of year. Well, so they say. This is not the case for many people. Finances, depression, no support of loving family and or loss of someone special, can all cause so much sadness and turmoil for your body. If this or anyone you know if suffering from some depression or Anxiety try finding something soothing to relax you.
Kava Calm Balm was created for my patients that were suffering from severe Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Try rubbing Kava on the chest area to help bring down the heart palpitations. You should find relief in just minutes. For other calming ideas, try rubbing Kava on the feet or neck and shoulder areas to help calm down the body and mind. You will get a fast feeling of calm and relaxation. Make sure not to operate heavy machinery equipment or drive a car until you know how you feel with the Kava. It is very relaxing! Also..Beware…There is a musky smell to Kava thanks to the herb Valerian Root in it. The smell goes away in minutes but the calming effect stays around for hours.

Happy Holidays:



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