Mother’s Day 2017

On this Mother’s Day 2017, I am grateful for many things. I’m most grateful that my two sons are good people and they love each other. One day I’ll be gone, and knowing that they will be there for one another means everything.  Like most parents, there have been many times I wasn’t the perfect parent and felt I had failed them in some way.  But, they still call me just to say hi,  to “run something by me”, to tell me something funny,  or to simply see how we’re doing. There were times when they were young that I felt their embarrassment from something I’d said in front of their friends. There’s a certain age when everything  parents say is embarrassing to a teen,  and I remember thinking that when they start driving for themselves they’d never be seen with me in public ever again!  

My sons became two decent, productive, honest people who care deeply about all other living creatures, and who stand up against the wrongs they see. They care about making this world a better place. I’m overwhelming happy about that. They make me proud to be their mother.

 My youngest son, who had to work today, called to wish me Happy Mother’s Day and to make plans to hang out soon, and my oldest son is taking me out to the movies and dinner! Their childhood embarrassment of me, and any parenting fails I’ve committed, must have been forgiven. 

So, on this Mother’s Day, I’m letting myself off the hook for not being the perfect mom. I hope you do the same. If nothing else, maybe our children will learn from our mistakes; what not to do if they become parents. I’m pretty sure my sons know I did the best I knew how.  And I’m absolutely sure they know I love them.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Breaking Routines 

I’ve written before about how I mix AM & PM Pain balms, with Kava Calm balm and carry it with me wherever I go. It works for me. Every. Time. The Pain balms speak for themselves but I believe the Kava Calm in the mixture helps relax the tension in my shoulders and neck before it causes me pain.

I’ve always had trouble sticking with a medication after the symptoms have subsided. That’s why I always had leftover antibiotics. Well, I’ve done the same with my Mobu and man, am I paying for it now. Let me explain.

I started another business, partly for the money of course, but also because I loved the product.  I won’t sell products I don’t use. I won’t sell products that are harmful to animals or humans. And I won’t sell products that don’t work!

I was so busy with the new business, and was feeling so well from my balms, that I forgot to maintain my “Mobu routine”. I wasn’t hurting so I didn’t apply!  I had been using my 3-balm mix on my shoulders and neck every night before bed. I haven’t done this for over a week now and I can tell the difference. I have pain!  Pain from the work week, everyday chores around the house, and from checking social media on my phone!

So, I’ve applied a generous helping of balm now and I’m sure I’ll be better in no time.  I can’t speak for others, I can only share my experience with Mobu Herbals balms, but they really do work for me and I realize now how important routines are. Seems I’ve always had to learn the hard way!  If you’d like to try these for yourself, you can order here.  I hope they help you as they have helped so many others.