Breaking Routines 

I’ve written before about how I mix AM & PM Pain balms, with Kava Calm balm and carry it with me wherever I go. It works for me. Every. Time. The Pain balms speak for themselves but I believe the Kava Calm in the mixture helps relax the tension in my shoulders and neck before it causes me pain.

I’ve always had trouble sticking with a medication after the symptoms have subsided. That’s why I always had leftover antibiotics. Well, I’ve done the same with my Mobu and man, am I paying for it now. Let me explain.

I started another business, partly for the money of course, but also because I loved the product.  I won’t sell products I don’t use. I won’t sell products that are harmful to animals or humans. And I won’t sell products that don’t work!

I was so busy with the new business, and was feeling so well from my balms, that I forgot to maintain my “Mobu routine”. I wasn’t hurting so I didn’t apply!  I had been using my 3-balm mix on my shoulders and neck every night before bed. I haven’t done this for over a week now and I can tell the difference. I have pain!  Pain from the work week, everyday chores around the house, and from checking social media on my phone!

So, I’ve applied a generous helping of balm now and I’m sure I’ll be better in no time.  I can’t speak for others, I can only share my experience with Mobu Herbals balms, but they really do work for me and I realize now how important routines are. Seems I’ve always had to learn the hard way!  If you’d like to try these for yourself, you can order here.  I hope they help you as they have helped so many others.


Sinus Congestion Relief

Yesterday, I woke up with a headache and that tell-tale pressure that I recognize as being caused by clogged sinuses. I got Relief pretty quickly by using CCC Balm on all the painful areas and using this lymphatic draining technique by in Louisville, KY. She has many helpful videos on YouTube.  Here’s hoping your Spring is clog free!

Anxiety and Panic Attacks, blog post from Janell Cole, owner Mobu Herbals

November 21, 2016
As a practicing Holistic Doctor, I get to meet all kinds of clients with all sorts of issues. As the question of the stability of our economy keeps arising, many people are having many signs and symptoms of panic attacks, depression and anxiety, and heart palpitations. The effects of stress alone can cause so much emotional strain on the body.
These are some types of stress:
1. Stress and divorce.

2. Stress in the workplace.

3. Holiday Stress.

4. Death of a loved one.

5. Post traumatic stress, either from the war, or something very eventful in your life such as abuse, car wreck,etc.

Working through the hard times in your life can be a hard road ahead, but achievable. Emotional support is always a good way to work through things. Having a support system is so important because everyone needs the help from at least one other person to get through the tough times. Stress management is also a good thing to do. Look for the passion in your life. What motivates you? Take up a hobby that you’d like to do. Commit yourself to going for a walk around your block once a day. Getting fresh air can cure the blues. What about a family pet? It has been documented that pet owners are happier people than those who don’t have a pet. Help someone in need. When you’re busy helping other people it makes your problems seem so less important.
Panic Attacks make you run away. Stop the anxiety and quit running from your fears. Take action with stress relief products. You can feel safe again. Some people who keep having recurring panic attacks, find relief through less intake of caffeine. Sometimes you can just get jittery and nervous from drinking too much coffee, soda’s, energy drinks and chocolate. Try drinking herbal teas, decaffeinated coffee and lots of water. Take walks and take time out to enjoy each and every moment. Life is short and needs to be enjoyed at all times. If depression keeps bringing you down, and anxiety and or panic attacks are effecting your way of life, seek the help of a medical professional.
Christmas is the happiest time of year. Well, so they say. This is not the case for many people. Finances, depression, no support of loving family and or loss of someone special, can all cause so much sadness and turmoil for your body. If this or anyone you know if suffering from some depression or Anxiety try finding something soothing to relax you.
Kava Calm Balm was created for my patients that were suffering from severe Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Try rubbing Kava on the chest area to help bring down the heart palpitations. You should find relief in just minutes. For other calming ideas, try rubbing Kava on the feet or neck and shoulder areas to help calm down the body and mind. You will get a fast feeling of calm and relaxation. Make sure not to operate heavy machinery equipment or drive a car until you know how you feel with the Kava. It is very relaxing! Also..Beware…There is a musky smell to Kava thanks to the herb Valerian Root in it. The smell goes away in minutes but the calming effect stays around for hours.

Happy Holidays:


Why MOBU Herbals has AM & PM Pain balms, by MOBU Herbals owner, Janell Cole

One question that I often get asked is why did I create two types of pain balms. My answer is simple: Pain is not created equal. During the day when you are suffering from any type of pain, you need to have it stopped immediately so you can continue going about your day. Many people suffering with any kind of Arthritis, or RA or any Chronic Health conditions, might find it challenging to even get out of bed. A.M. Pain Balm was created for people like that in mind. Let’s take Migraines for example: It’s hard to even keep your eyes open let alone focus. You need something to stop the pain immediately so you can stay awake and keep going with your day. Someone suffering from Health conditions might find it difficult to get out of bed due to the pain or their body not cooperating with movement. By applying the A.M. Pain Balm it immediately stops the pain within minutes, and most people find it possible to move their body enough to get out of bed. With Chronic Migraines or Headaches or even Fevers, relief is just minutes away. Rub all over temples and behind neck and ears to get fast results. I love to tell the story about how our body is electrical and when you touch a hot stove with your finger, you can feel the burn all the way to your big toe. That’s exactly how how body responds to applying the balm. No matter where you put it, you will get results because our body is all connected. When you swallow a pill, you don’t need to tell it where to go to help with your condition. You just pop the pill and hope for good results. This is the same way, only faster. Most pills you have to wait for 20 to 30 mins until you find relief. With Topical Balms you get results much faster.

So to sum up the last few words on Daytime Pain…If you find yourself with body aches and pains of any kind, or you suffer from Lupus, or Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, M.S., Chronic Migraines, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Just to name a few…Try A.M. Pain Balm. It just may be another partner in your pain control.

Night time pain is a whole new subject on it’s own. When you need to sleep and you’re in pain, it’s hard to find your comfortable position. I created P.M. Pain Balm to help stop pain fast, and to help the body relax and promote sleep. The herbs that are in it are natural Muscle Relaxers. It helps the body unwind and repair while sleeping. I have M.S. sufferers that find they can move more freely while using the P.M. Pain Balm. People that suffer from Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Snoring, TMJ, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, IBS, and many Spoonies find comfort with this product.

I hope this info adds a little more knowledge about 2 of our pain products. As we’re approaching the Holidays, many people suffering find it hard to find peace and to enjoy the festivities. Take time to be good to yourself. Bubble Baths and a good book, and a good cup of tea. Whatever may be your comfort, I hope you find it.

Much Love and Happiness to your Health:)

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please discuss any health concerns with your health care provider.PM Pain BalmAM Pain Balm

Exhausted and Overwhelmed Blog post from Owner/Creator of MOBU Herbals Janell Cole

Fatigue in the 21st century 

Are you a victim of over abusing your body? Do you drag yourself into bed at night, and then 5 to 6 hours later, you are dragging your butt out of bed? Why are we in such a hurry to rush our life away? Well, as so many people, I fall in this same category.
The conference in New Mexico that I just attended, “The Traditions in Western Folk Herbalism”, really opened my eyes to many new things. First off…I need to slow down in my life and smell the roses! I need to take time and enjoy my surroundings. I wake up in the mornings and grab a diet coke to help wake my body up. It’s a wonder my body is still working.
In my practice, I see a lot of people who come to me in very slow motion. They are lacking energy, with body aches from head to toes. They have been sent away from their Medical Dr’s with handfuls of prescriptions saying it’s all in their heads, that there is nothing wrong with their health. As I start working with my clients, I investigate their life patterns, and it is obvious that they are suffering from extreme fatigue.
What is fatigue? Fibromyalgia…Chronic Fatigue…Exhaustion…Depression…Exhausted Adrenals… In my personal opinion, it all falls into the same category! We are burning the candle at both ends, and the flame has just burned out! I would like to challenge everyone to go for a walk around your neighborhood. Get some fresh air. Take your dog or your loved one with you. Enjoy your surroundings. Take in the scenery. Stop and literally smell the flowers or bushes along your path. Take off your shoes and go barefooted. Being grounded to the Earth does wonders for the body and soul.
When you get up in the morning, take a hot and cold shower. It helps get the blood flowing and helps strengthen the immune system. Hot and cold water therapy has been used for thousands of years with amazing results. Hippocrates the Father of Natural healing was known for his knowledge of hot and cold water applications. Alternating hot and cold water is a great body balancer. It will give you lots of energy and help you get your morning going. Hot water draws old and tired blood out of the internal organs and helps with circulation and opens up the pores to pull out toxins. Cold water sends fresh blood back to the organs and nourishes the core of the body. You should do a couple of cycles of hot and cold water and the finish up with the warm water. This water therapy alone has been known to help with depression and other life threatening illnesses.
In the evening, take time to unwind and finish up your day with a relaxing cup of herbal tea. I recommend herbs that have a relaxing effect such as: Kava Kava, Chamomile, Passionflower, Skullcap, Peppermint or Spearmint, just to name a few. Sleepy time tea is also a popular one. Give one of them a try  and find your favorite. Add honey or Agave Nectar to taste. If you still need a little extra relaxation, try rubbing on some Kava Calm Balm or Kava Calm Lavender Lotion. Rub all over shoulders and neck and or rub on feet. You will feel a calm almost immediately and will truly be able to relax and unwind.